Buy vs Build: Ignorance is Bliss - But Only Until Reality Hits!

When Salesforce customers seek to automate their sales commissions in Salesforce, they often approach it as an "all or nothing", "buy vs build" decision between licensing an off-the-shelf solution or building a custom solution from scratch.

The Build Option
Many organizations perceive the "build" option as engaging a systems integrator (SI), Salesforce consultant to develop a custom home-grown solution which they may mistakenly perceive as a "one-time expense", thereby neglecting the obvious need for ongoing maintenance and the significant cost of modifying a hard-coded custom solution when business rules or compensation plans change in the future, which of course they will! Additionally, the average business user writing requirements as well as the average developer may overlook critical functions such as change management, security and sharing rules, multi currency, claw backs, adjustments, draws, integration of different goal periods such as months, quarters and years, support for hierarchical team / overlay commissions, let alone the intricacies of accelerators, attainment-based tiers, etc. Ignorance of these complexities is Bliss to those embarking on a "build" decision... But only until reality hits! 

The Buy Option
The "buy" option typically involves selecting from available sales commission management tools and solutions in the market, which allows companies to leverage the expertise and resources of the solution provider and eliminates the need to hire and train specialized staff or rely on external consultants for development and maintenance. But businesses often find that pre-built solutions may not fully align with the unique requirements, business rules and workflows of their organization. They also worry that though the out-of-box solutions offer some degree of customization, there are limits to how much they can really be tailored to specific needs. This can result in compromises or workarounds that may not fully address all business requirements. And finally they worry about the high cost of licensing and professional services for implementation and future changes.

The Buy and Build Option
There is a third hybrid option which is often overlooked by organizations, which involves licensing a platform to use as the basis for the build, such as building a SaaS solution using Amazon Web Services, a database application using Oracle, or a CRM application using Salesforce. Specifically for sales commission automation, Salesforce customers can utilize CloudComp Commission Anything, a highly evolved platform designed explicitly for this purpose. This way when the reality of unplanned changes and requirements hits you, your sales commission automation solution is supported, extendable and ready for prime time. 

CloudComp: The Buy and Build Sales Commission Platform for Salesforce
CloudComp Commission Anything addresses these challenges in Salesforce by providing a cost-effective, flexible and powerful pre-built platform with a plethora of features, including extensive change management, security and sharing rules, multi currency, claw backs, adjustments, draws, integration of different goal periods such as months, quarters and years, support for hierarchical team / overlay commissions, accelerators, attainment-based tiers and more. Moreover, CloudComp is designed and fully documented to support DIY setup, configuration, and management within Salesforce, making it incredibly flexible, extendable and saving you money and time on professional services, development and consulting.

Salesforce customers should consider the "buy and build" option in their analysis by examining the affordability, power, flexibility, and speed to go-live that CloudComp Commission Anything can provide. By empowering architects, developers, and administrators with a platform that combines the best of both worlds, organizations can achieve efficient and effective sales commission automation in Salesforce, ensuring scalability, agility, and long-term success.

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Why CloudComp is Quicker to Implement and Less Expensive than Salesforce Spiff

Salesforce users can experience significant savings in time and cost on sales commissions automation by opting to set up CloudComp Commission Anything themselves within Salesforce (or with expert assistance from Surfwriter), rather than purchasing Salesforce Spiff. Though Salesforce Spiff is a nice product with some attractive features, it entails much higher licensing expenses (nearly 2X the licensing costs of CloudComp), predictably longer timeframes to go-live and higher cost for professional services during implementation and future changes. 

Ease of Setup and Configuration
CloudComp Commission Anything offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process that empowers Salesforce users, including administrators and business analysts, to configure commission structures and workflows without extensive technical expertise. With its drag-and-drop functionality and customizable templates, users can quickly define commission plans, rules, and calculations to meet their specific needs, reducing the time and resources required for setup.

Salesforce Native Integration
CloudComp Commission Anything is built natively on the Salesforce platform, providing seamless integration with Salesforce data and workflows. This eliminates the need for complex integrations or data synchronization processes, saving Salesforce users the cost and effort associated with third-party integrations and ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Lower Licensing Costs
Salesforce Spiff, advertises a "Lowest Starting Price" for licensing fees that is nearly double the price of full-featured CloudComp licenses. CloudComp Commission Anything offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs or licensing fees. Salesforce users can leverage CloudComp Commission Anything within their existing Salesforce environment, eliminating the need for additional software purchases and reducing overall costs.

Self-Service Implementation
With CloudComp Commission Anything, Salesforce users have the flexibility to save money by implementing and configuring commission automation themselves, without the need for expensive consultants or professional services. CloudComp Commission Anything provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and training resources to guide users through the setup process, enabling them to take full ownership of commission management and customization.

Scalability and Flexibility
CloudComp Commission Anything is scalable to support organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, without compromising performance or functionality. Salesforce users can easily scale commission automation processes to accommodate growing sales teams and increasing sales volumes, allowing them to adapt to evolving business needs and requirements without incurring additional costs.

Dedicated Support
While CloudComp Commission Anything offers self-service implementation, Surfwriter also provides dedicated support to assist Salesforce users throughout their journey. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, sharing best practices, or seeking advice on commission management strategies, Salesforce users can leverage the support and expertise of Surfwriter and the CloudComp Commission Anything community to optimize their experience and drive success.

In summary, Salesforce users can save significant time and money and achieve a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by choosing CloudComp Commission Anything for sales commissions automation within Salesforce over Salesforce Spiff. With its ease of setup, native integration, transparent pricing, self-service implementation, scalability, and dedicated support from Surfwriter, CloudComp Commission Anything offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for Salesforce users seeking to streamline commission management processes and drive sales performance.

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What are Commission Accelerators and Why You Should be Using Them

Commission accelerators are incentives or bonuses that are designed to motivate and reward sales representatives for achieving specific performance goals or milestones within a defined period. These accelerators typically offer increased commission rates or additional bonuses when sales reps surpass predetermined targets or quotas. Here's why you should consider using commission accelerators:

Motivate Sales Performance
Commission accelerators serve as powerful motivators to drive sales performance. By offering the opportunity to earn higher commissions or bonuses for exceeding targets, accelerators inspire sales reps to push themselves and strive for excellence.

Encourage Goal Achievement
Accelerators encourage sales reps to focus on achieving specific goals or objectives that are aligned with the organization's priorities. Whether it's increasing sales volume, acquiring new customers, or selling specific products or services, accelerators provide clear incentives for goal attainment.

Reward Exceptional Performance
Accelerators reward exceptional performance and recognize the efforts of top-performing sales reps. By offering increased commissions or bonuses for surpassing targets, accelerators incentivize sales reps to go above and beyond, driving continuous improvement and excellence.

Boost Sales Team Morale
Commission accelerators can boost morale and foster a competitive spirit within the sales team. When sales reps see their efforts rewarded with higher commissions or bonuses, it reinforces a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to continue striving for success.

Drive Revenue Growth
Accelerators can drive revenue growth by incentivizing sales reps to focus on activities and behaviors that directly contribute to increased sales. Whether it's upselling, cross-selling, or closing larger deals, accelerators encourage sales reps to maximize their efforts and drive revenue generation.

Attract and Retain Top Talent
Offering attractive commission accelerators can help attract top sales talent to your organization and retain existing high-performing sales reps. When sales reps see the potential to earn significant rewards for their efforts, they are more likely to stay motivated and committed to achieving success.

Align Sales Objectives
Commission accelerators can be used to align sales objectives with broader business goals and objectives. By tying accelerators to specific key performance indicators (KPIs) or strategic initiatives, organizations can ensure that sales efforts are focused on driving outcomes that contribute to overall success.

Overall, commission accelerators are a powerful tool for motivating, rewarding, and incentivizing sales reps to achieve exceptional performance, drive revenue growth, and align sales efforts with organizational objectives. By incorporating accelerators into your commission structure, you can inspire a culture of excellence, drive continuous improvement, and achieve greater success in sales.

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7 Reasons Why CloudComp is Your Best Choice For Sales Commissions Automation in Salesforce

CloudComp Commission Anything offers many advantages over other Salesforce native commission processing tools, making it a superior choice for businesses looking to streamline their commission management processes. 

Flexibility and Customization
CloudComp Commission Anything provides unparalleled flexibility and customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their commission structures to their specific needs. Users can define complex commission rules, tiers, and incentives easily, accommodating diverse sales team structures and compensation plans.

As businesses grow and evolve, CloudComp Commission Anything scales effortlessly to accommodate increasing sales volumes and expanding sales teams. It can handle large volumes of data and transactions without compromising performance, ensuring seamless commission processing for businesses of all sizes.

Integration with Salesforce
CloudComp Commission Anything seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, leveraging the platform's robust capabilities to provide a unified sales and commission management solution. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reconciliation, streamlining workflows and reducing the risk of errors.

Real-time Visibility and Reporting
CloudComp Commission Anything offers real-time visibility into sales performance and commission payouts, empowering sales managers and representatives with actionable insights. Users can access comprehensive reports and dashboards within Salesforce, enabling informed decision-making and performance tracking.

Automation and Efficiency
CloudComp Commission Anything automates manual commission processing tasks, saving time and resources for businesses. It automates commission calculations, approvals, and payouts, minimizing administrative overhead and ensuring accuracy and consistency in commission payments.

Compliance and Governance
CloudComp Commission Anything helps businesses maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and internal governance policies. It enforces rules and controls around commission calculations and payouts, reducing the risk of errors, disputes, and non-compliance.

Customer Support and Service
Surfwriter provides dedicated customer support and service to help businesses maximize the value of their CloudComp
 commission management solution. Our team of experts offers assistance with implementation, training, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and successful deployment.

Overall, CloudComp Commission Anything stands out as a superior Salesforce native commission processing tool due to its flexibility, scalability, integration capabilities, automation, and comprehensive support offerings. It empowers businesses to optimize their commission management processes, drive sales performance, and achieve their business objectives effectively.

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