CloudComp Commission Anything - Commission Management built for the Cloud

Compensation models, like Salesforce Implementations are far from standardized across organizations. Historically, this has presented significant challenges for Compensation Management vendors who have tended to focus on standard objects and fields in Salesforce such as Opportunity Amount and Close date, but have struggled when asked to accommodate Salesforce customizations.

Compensation Management customers are often disappointed to find that the "out of box" compensation solution for Salesforce that they were hoping for just isn't available. Many customers soon discover that they're in for a sizable project as their compensation vendor begins to develop, test and implement hundreds or even thousands of lines of custom Apex code at the customer's expense only to be able to integrate the customer's custom objects and fields in Salesforce.

Introducing CloudComp Commission Anything™ the first truly click-to-configure Enterprise Incentive Compensation Management App for Salesforce.
CloudComp™ enables you to use all the objects and fields in your Salesforce org, even those belonging to other managed packages.
The age of flexible, agile Compensation Management in Salesforce has arrived. Contact us for a live demo of CloudComp™ today.