Escape From Manual Commissions Spreadsheets

If you're still processing sales commissions in manual spreadsheets, it's time for a change!

CloudComp Commission Anything processes your sales commissions calculations automatically using your existing Salesforce data.

Processing sales commissions via manual spreadsheets exposes you to a variety of issues including:

  • Calculation errors
  • Untimely results
  • Poor visibility for sales reps
  • Security / access control risks
When you run your sales commissions with CloudComp in Salesforce, you'll have: 

  • Automated, precise calculations
  • Commissions and quota attainment continuously updated automatically
  • Visibility for sales reps in reports and dashboards, right inside of Salesforce where they work.
  • Salesforce security and access controls

CloudComp is Certified 100% Salesforce Native. So your valuable customer sales data and your sales commissions will be processed in your Salesforce org and nowhere else. CloudComp uses the same Salesforce security and access controls that you trust to keep your data secure. So you can be sure that sales commissions are kept private between sales reps, even if your Opportunities are shared between reps in your Salesforce org.

Contact Surfwriter today to learn more about how we can help you do commissions right in Salesforce or to see a demo of our CloudComp Commission Anything App in action.