Video: How is CloudComp Commission Anything Different?

You need to process sales commissions, but manual spreadsheets are too timeconsuming and error-prone. So you need to find an app or service to automate your commissions. But with so many choices out there today, how is CloudComp Commission Anything different than the others?

You need an app you can TRUST that won't introduce new security risks. CloudComp is 100% Salesforce native, uses Salesforce security and multi-factor authentication. Your sales data and commissions stay in your Salesforce org and nowhere else. No external websites, no 3rd party SaaS platforms, period. You can leverage your existing Salesforce investment, while avoiding the increased risk of transmitting your sensitive data outside. And unlike most of the others, CloudComp is made in the USA.

You need a tool that has the flexibility to process YOUR SALES DATA according to YOUR RULES. Unlike some others, CloudComp processes sales commissions using data from any objects, in any currencies in Salesforce, supports configuring an incredibly wide array of rules right out-of-box and unlike most of the others, CloudComp has been reliably processing millions of records every day in Salesforce for over ten years while being continously extended and updated every year.

The only constant in business these days is change. We're all "building the airplane while we fly it". You can't afford to engage in a costly and time-consuming implementation when your compensation plans are likely to change again soon. Unlike some others, CloudComp wraps your compensation plans and rules in change management end-to-end. When you move a user to a new comp plan or sales team, CloudComp will run the old rules and new rules in parallel by date range.

You need a tool that your team can self-manage. Unlike the complex interfaces of the others, CloudComp's intuitive Salesforce-native interface empowers your team to configure and update compensation plans, onboard and offboard users themselves.

You need an app that won't require extra training and support for your sales reps. CloudComp is familiar and easy for your users becuase CloudComp is built into Salesforce. CloudComp quota attainment, earned commissions and payments are presented to your users in Salesforce reports and dashboards. A detailed CloudComp payment summary is only 2 clicks from the dashboard.

You need a comprehensive solution with a proven track record that's easy on your budget! At about half the cost, quicker to implement and easier to self-manage than others, CloudComp will save you time and money.

Contact Surfwriter today to schedule a live demo or follow the step-by-step instructions in the CloudComp Admin Guide to download CloudComp Commission Anything and set it up yourself.