CloudComp Commission Anything Goes Mobile With Salesforce1

CloudComp Commission Anything™™, the first truly click-to-configure Enterprise Incentive Compensation Management App for Salesforce is now 100% Mobile Ready... And we did it in about a week!

CloudComp represents over 3 years of research and development to enable administrators, managers and compensation recipients with the gold standard configurable enterprise incentive compensation platform specifically designed for the Cloud.

Until recently, mobile-enabling an enterprise application like CloudComp Commission Anything would have required developing, publishing, upgrading and supporting multiple platform-specific mobile apps.

Enter the Salesforce1 Platform. Salesforce1 essentially provides a framework which extends the authentication, functionality and enterprise-grade security of the platform to mobile devices, with all application logic and database storage provided by's hosted application servers. The Salesforce1 solution consists of the Salesforce application server and the client application software on the handheld mobile device. Supported operating systems are Apple iOS and Android.

With CloudComp and Salesforce1, viewing your compensation is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3
1 - Open the Salesforce1 App
CloudComp App Menu on iPhone
2 - Select "My Compensation"
CloudComp Commission Anything for Salesforce on iPhone
3 - View Compensation

With Salesforce1, we didn't have to develop, publish and support platform-specific native apps. Salesforce1 handles all of that for us. We didn't have to design or manage additional enterprise-grade security. Salesforce1 handles that too; by only providing access to data and functions based upon the core permissions and rights defined for each user by their Salesforce administrator. Mobile CloudComp users are never able to view or access more than their permissions allow and Salesforce administrators have complete control.

With Salesforce1, we could focus on innovation and achieve unparalleled speed to market for CloudComp Commission Anything Mobile without compromising our commitment to deliver a superior mobile incentive compensation experience with enterprise-grade security for our customers.

Because CloudComp was built from the ground up for the platform, the mobile compensation and sales performance management functionality that we could rapidly implement for CloudComp users with Salesforce1 was impressive to say the least. Compensation administrators have complete management functionality from within the CloudComp Mobile App and compensation recipients have access their personalized compensation interface 24/7 on any mobile device running Salesforce1.

So why go mobile with your incentive compensation you may ask?
Well, your incentive compensation might not be much of an incentive if your reps can't see it, right?

Contact us today to learn more about how get your compensation into the cloud and your sales reps into the light with CloudComp Commission Anything.